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Pounce on your buyer's tracks, leave content as paw prints.

When your business online, you build relationships with an audience considering if to buy from you.

You build a story visible to the public and unpredictably dispersed.

Every post, comment or conversation leaves individual paw prints.

Here, find clarity, strategy, inspiration and support to create the story of your business for people to follow. 

Choose from the offers below, all created with a depth of experience in journalism, content, marketing, writing and PR.

Meow for now,

Amanda 🐾

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Available Products

Goodies 2023

Pounce calendar with one question prompt to think about each month and illustrations by Ian Blakeman.


Would you like to join the pride? The exclusive online membership run by Amanda Leek.

Pounce is a veritable theme park of resources, teachings & inspirational content all designed to improve your digital content creation, your storytelling skills, your online business decisions, & your marketing plans.

With a wonderful online community to share, celebrate and support together.

You in?

Please answer the questions in the Admission Tent. Once you've done this, I will personally review your answers and personally send you an email with confirmation of your membership in 3 working days.

Pouncin' Content

Detailed, guided content prompts with examples, tips and illustrations.

Pay once. Own this for LIFE.

Enjoy the rewards of pouncing with regular, strategic content as you use these prompts!

They follow a marketing strategy ('the wildcat carousel', I call it) that is now tested and proven. I've included real examples, from inside my Pounce membership.

Pouncin' Engagement

Engagement: 5 Day Challenge & Expert Talk

Let's help you find your purrfect people online with grrreat engagement on social media.

The Pawsome Content Planner

The Pawsome Content Planner - the paperback journal that helps brainstorm, order and review your content ideas monthly.

"I'm a stuck on how to promote my gifts on social media."

"How do we come up with varied content around one topic?"

Business owners feel overwhelmed by content marketing. In this planner, I break it down to one essential purpose; to develop beneficial relationships.

The Pawsome Content Planner guides you step-by-step along the buyer's journey and how to plan, prepare and create content to connect with your ideal client at each stage.

VIP (Hour) Consultation

Shake off that specific marketing or PR problem with my stealthy research, expert knowledge and creative ideas applied to your unique business.

In one focused consultation (60-90 minutes).

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