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Pouncin' Engagement

You need better engagement on social media.

Am I right?

I did a 4 day challenge about crafting the best engaging questions and increasing the best engagement on social media (in July 2021 in the Paws to Pounce Facebook Group)

I've put it ALL together in this lifetime product for just £45.


"£45! Why can't I just do it (or do it again) with the Facebook posts for free? Look, it's even all together in that handy guide in your Facebook group!"

Great question. I kinda set myself up for that one, didn't I?


You *not only* get the full challenge, nicely organised in Membervault to access at any time. Obviously, that would be with you if Facebook or my posts disappeared 😱

I've also added (or will add, lifetime product) for just £12:

🦁  The full 5 Day Challenge for business owners & content creators looking for their purrfect people.

🦁  Bonus: Wellbeing Weekend with Tereza Szalai of Foxy Fit Care.

🦁  The guest expert talk on social media engagement that I did for the highly recommended, 'business 101' course: The Beginner-ish Programme for Spoonies. I wow'ed them; now you can only access that talk here, or inside that (brilliant) paid programme.

🦁  Recommended resources I've hand-picked on the topic of engagement. I will add to this.

🦁  Some discussions & valuable lessons on social media engagement from Pounce. Not all of them, obvs - cos that wouldn't be fair, would it?

🦁  Other bonuses.

11 Areas

DAY ONE Why it matters. The 3 Crucial Questions

Catching up on A Grrreat Catch?

Everything in one place!


Why it matters.

The 3 Crucial Questions

DAY THREE Find your words. How often do they use certain words?

My Concluuusions!!


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